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Esox Assault Tackle

Esox Assault Tackle is a family run business that manufactures custom musky lures. These lures are deadly on musky and have proven themselves time and time again. Order tackle through their website and type in the following promo code to receive 5% off all orders. Check them out at www.esoxassault.com and enter Promo Code: "PIKEPOLE" for a 5% discount on your order.

Northland Tackle

Northland Tackle is based out of Minnesota and manufactures a variety of jigs, lures, and various other tackle products. They specialize in walleye, panfish, pike, musky, and bass. We use numerous Northland items with both our clients and in our walleye tournaments. Visit the Northland Tackle website, you won't be disappointed. Check them out at www.northlandtackle.com.

St Croix Rods

St Croix Rods is based out of Park Falls, Wisconsin. They make quality rods that are second to none. We use only St Croix rods, including the Premier Series, Triumph Series, Legend Tournament Series, Panfish Series, and Avid Series. Check them out at www.stcroixrods.com

Hard & Soft Fishing

Makers of Uncle Josh, Beaver Dam, Kalin's, Acme, Pork, Little Stinker, Bead, Atom, and Hang On Tackle

Hard & Soft Fishing is based out of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. They make numerous lures and tackle for Bass, Walleye, and Musky. H&S Fishing is most famous for their Uncle Josh pork rind products and their "Pork" baits. They also manufacture Beaver Dam ice fishing products, which are well known among serious ice anglers. Their Kalin's line of soft baits are used internationally by both fresh and salt water anglers and Little Stinker products are a favorite of many catfish anglers. Check them out at www.unclejosh.com

Harbor Recreation

Time to order a new or used boat? Or maybe you need some work done on your current boat. Either way, contact Harbor Recreation for your boating needs. Located in Newville, Wisconsin, these guys are family run and have a huge selection to offer. The staff is top notch and I promise you won't be disappointed. Check them out at www.harborrec.com

Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear

Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear is another awesome Wisconsin based company. They offer a complete line of many ice fishing items. This includes thermal and regular flip over shelter, pop-up shelter, hand augers, gas augers, propane augers, chisels, clothing, and replacement parts. Built to handle the cold Wisconsin elements, this gear will get you through many ice seasons that lay ahead. Check them out at www.geteskimo.com.


Aqua-Vu underwater cameras have become a staple in many anglers tool boxes. Whether ice fishing or open water fishing, these cameras will make the difference of catching a few fish or catching limit. Watching how fish react to lures and searching for structure that holds fish are just a few examples of how these cameras are very useful. Cameras come in many varieties and their customer service is on point. Check them out at www.aquavu.com.

Vibrations Tackle

Owner Justin Blanchar and his family have put in many hours perfecting their blade bait idea. This time has paid off greatly, putting Vibrations Tackle on the map of excellence. Their "Echotail" series lure comes in a variety of sizes.  The smallest 2.5" Miniature lure is great for panfish and the largest 10" Magnum lure is made to entice musky and pike. The 3" Junior and 4" Small sizes are perfect for walleye and bass. They come in plenty of colors, including custom designs that really pop. Made to vibrate through the water column, these lures are like no others. The tail is made to hold soft plastics or live bait and easily allows items to be changed. This design feature gives anglers endless combinations to try. Jig em, troll em, or pitch em...these blades catch fish! Check them out at www.vibrationstackle.com

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing is a leader in the fishing industry. They are well known for many products, but their Berkley and Abu Garcia line of products are an angler favorite.  Berkley is famous for their "Gulp" and "Power Bait" plastic lures, along with Flicker crank bait products. Abu Garcia made a name in the industry by offering quality reels for all types of fishing. Check them out at www.purefishing.com.